Dick Hall with Kendra Winters, occupational therapist

On April 11, 2017, Dick Hall came to Life Care Center of Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho, for rehab after breaking his right femur because of a fall.


Hall was not able to put weight on his right leg and required some help with daily tasks that involved standing or transferring from one surface to another, such as taking a shower or getting dressed. His goal was to return home.


Physical and occupational therapists met with Hall six days a week to help him improve his strength, range of motion, balance and self-care skills. They used several special tools in their treatment, including the Omnicycle, which allowed Hall to exercise his upper body through hand cranks and his lower body through bicycle-style pedals while seated in a wheelchair. The NuStep® offered him similar exercise but while seated in the machine. TheraBand stretchy resistance bands also helped him rebuild strength.


“Mr. Hall kept his goals at the forefront of his thoughts and worked diligently daily to attain them, and attain them he did!” said Kendra Winters, occupational therapist.


Hall returned home with his daughter on May 3. He was able to take care of himself with minimal assistance or supervision.


“I have had the best and most gracious care,” said Hall. “The people at Life Care are very helpful and will do anything for you. It has been a real pleasure being their patient.”           

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