In the store, left to right: Betty Maloy, certified nursing assistant; Rose Doty, activity director; and Alex Huerta, activities assistant

There’s a lot in store at Life Care Center of Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho, thanks to an idea from the activities team.


Rose Doty, activity director, noticed that the dining room didn’t have enough room to keep all the items available for residents to buy with their bingo bucks, and she came up with a system using the former library area near the main entrance of the facility. She ran the idea by the Resident Council and got an enthusiastic agreement.


On June 7, 2017, the Bingo/Gift Shop opened. Items include a variety of donated goodies. There are candy bars, jewelry, makeup, toiletries, crocheted blankets, balloons, picture frames, pictures, pillows, stuffed animals, bags and other items.


Each item has a price. Some can be bought with the fake money residents earn playing bingo, poker keno or loteria (a Spanish game similar to bingo). Others can be bought with cash, which goes toward the resident fun fund. Every Monday and Wednesday, the shop opens for an hour, and residents and family members can make purchases.


One resident, Roxanne Frederickson, volunteers to work at the store once a week.


"I enjoy working at the store because I like helping other residents,” Frederickson said.


"On days and times when the store is not open, residents still have fun window shopping to see what donations have come in. If there is something specific a resident wants from the store, an activities associate will open the shop for him or her.


“The store has stimulated more participation in bingo,” said Doty. “Even the post-acute residents are playing, and if they are getting ready to discharge and they still have bingo bucks, the activities staff takes them shopping on the day of discharge.”


“I have always participated in bingo, but the store has made it more fun to play, knowing I can go shopping with my bingo bucks,” said resident Patricia VanDyck. “Roxanne and Rose do a good job running the store.”


As of early August, the shop has raised more than $22

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