Janet Kimball and her care team

Janet Kimball was suffering from severe muscle weakness and debilitating symptoms, due to her multiple sclerosis, when she arrived at Life Care Center of Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho, on June 24, 2017.


Kimball’s condition was in relapse and was prohibiting her from carrying out many activities.


“Prior to her admission, she was independent in managing both her daily tasks as well as higher level tasks such as home management,” explained Kendra Winters, occupational therapist. “Her main barrier was muscle weakness in the setting of multiple sclerosis.”


On account of the limitations MS brought, she battled weakness that “impacted her ability to walk, complete meal preparation, home management, dressing and bathing tasks,” added Winters.


To combat the weaknesses, Kimball received occupational and physical therapies six times a week. Therapists worked her on the Omnicycle exercise machine, as well as using Thera-Band® resistance bands and a therapy ball to gradually increase her muscle strength and coordination.


Therapists also had Kimball use the Rickshaw, which strengthened and released pressure from her arms and shoulder muscles. To increase her mobility and muscle resistance, therapists had her use the Nustep®, a seated cross trainer that features arm cranks to give the user a full-body workout. During therapy, they used an ergometer to monitor her work and energy expended during the exercises, and to prevent her body from being overworked.


“The nursing staff have been wonderful,” said Kimball. “Vijay [Rathore, physical therapist] has been a good therapist. Kendra has been helpful, and she had me cook pineapple cake and beef stew!”


Kimball went home on July 24, one month after beginning therapy. She was able to dress herself completely, walk using a walker and prepare a meal without assistance.


“It was due to Janet’s grace and determination that she was able to achieve the goals she set for herself,” said Winters. “She was able to return home at her prior level of function.”

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