Gavin Metcalf, director of rehab, pedals resident Edna Cullum on the Blessing Bike.

Residents at Life Care Center of Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho, may not be able to pedal a bicycle anymore, but that’s not stopping them from taking a ride.


The facility recently acquired a bicycle from non-profit The Blessing Bike to fulfill a hospice resident’s wish to ride a bike again. The vehicle allows a cyclist to pedal in the back while another person (or two) sits in a cart-like seat in the front. That way, even individuals in wheelchairs can experience a bike ride. The hospice resident smiled the whole time she took a ride.


“The best part is now we own the bike, and we get to take other residents for rides,” said Gerald Bosen, executive director. “They all love the bike and line up for a ride when we have it out.”


Resident Edna Cullum shared after a ride, “It’s phenomenal! Thank you so much. It made my whole day!”


When the weather is nice, residents go for rides a few times a week. Any associate can be the driver with a quick lesson on the brake system.


“It is fun for the staff to see the joy the bike brings to the residents,” said Bosen. “One resident with dementia had a huge smile on her face and wanted to go again and again.”