Waunda Kibbey with Kendra Winters, occupational therapist

After a lumbar back surgery, Waunda Kibbey developed an infection, which resulted in the need for acute hospital rehab and long-term acute care in the hospital.


On Aug. 16, 2018, Kibbey transitioned to Life Care Center of Treasure Valley in Boise, Idaho, to continue the next steps in her recovery. Those steps would get her back to walking and back home, where she hadn’t been since April.


Kibbey was not able to do much when she first arrived. She needed moderate assistance with grooming and supervision with feeding herself, and in most other areas she was totally dependent on others.


Physical therapists helped Kibbey improve her strength and balance, as well as her ability to transfer from one surface to another (such as from a bed to a chair). They also worked with her on gait training.


Occupational therapists worked with Kibbey on her activities of daily living, helping her to complete dressing, functional reach and sequencing during tasks.


“Be nice to your therapists,” Kibbey advised other patients. “They are trying to help you.”


When Kibbey returned home on Aug. 27, she was independent in self-feeding, sitting balance and grooming and only needed supervision for tasks like walking, getting in and out of bed, standing, bathing and getting dressed.